The Clipsal Ez Audit is a great device for measuring the energy consumption of individual appliances.  Simply plug the appliance into the unit and then into the wall socket, programming your electricity costs the unit is ready to go.  This will enable the unit to measure power consumption, cost, energy consumption, green house gas produced in running appliance, voltage, current, and test time.  This device is very sensitive and can test running totals of devices in stand-by modes down to 1 watt.

This will arm you with the knowledge of how much your appliances are costing you each time you use them or over a set time period.  Then educated decisions can be made as to how often you use these appliances or even replacing then with a much more energy efficient product.


The Cent - A - Meter is device that is connected permenatly to your property.  Connecting the remote to your switchboard or meter panel and the display unit inside they wirelessly communicate together to show real time energy consumption.  It can be used to monitor individual circuits or the entire usage of your home.

This device also allows you to enter up to four different tariffs and times dependent of your contract with your energy retailer to give you an accurate reading of your energy usage and costs. You will be able to select between Cost, Energy and Green House Gas modes showing you real time use and also totals of each of the modes.  Alarms can be set to go off when a certain amount of power is being consumed to let the household know when you usage is at a peak.