Clean Energy Services is has been involved in the solar industry since 2009 with upwards of 500 installs all throughout Victoria.  We can design a solar system to cater for your individual property.  We inspect all properties before instllation and go over previous electricity bills to give you an educated and informed quote.  With the price of solar panels and inverters dropping considerably it is still a great investment inroducing solar panelling to your property.



Once your sloar system is in place there are a few things you can do to bolster their performance. Cleaning your panels to remove thin films of dust can add 5-10% more efficientcy.  Adjusting tilt array panels as the sun changes it angle between summer and winter can also draw 5-10% more power from your system. Looking after your garden and the trees surrounding your panels, many trees will grow meters in years and start to shade your system bringing down their energy outputs.


Currently there are some popular upgrades that occuring on solar systems.  Tilt array systems are being replaced with mounting systems that do not penetrate the roof to elliminate roof leaks. (photo above). DC cable upgrades are common, older systems used regular cable from inveter to panel which has been show since to burn out, DC specific cable is now regulation. The latest upgrades are AC Micro Inverters which attach to the back of the panel and convert DC to AC power at the panel reducing voltage drop and operating panels individually which elliminates shading issues effecting the entire system.